My journey from pharmaceutical to natural

For the last 11 and half years I have taken a prescription medicine for anxiety. With that comes a few unwanted side effects and after all these years of dealing with those side effects, I finally let God take control and get me off of it. I had been doing fine after weaning myself off them, but one day I noticed myself being easily irritated by my boys and I didn’t like how I felt. I told my mom how I was feeling and she said she had an amino acid called L-theanine that is supposed to help with moodiness. So I rushed right over to her house to get it and also did a little research before I took it. 

I decided I would try it and within an hour or so I was feeling much better. Then, about three days later I started having horrible headaches! I never have headaches and I wondered what could be causing them. I went a few more days with the headaches before researching what was causing them. I looked up L-theanine again and discovered that because it is derived from green tea, it has caffeine! Duh! I rarely ever consume caffeine and I had been pumping it into my body! Praise God, for His revelation! So yesterday I decided to only take one and see how I did, well my headache wasn’t as severe, but by evening my back felt like I had a knife in it and my right leg was killing me. Today I haven’t taken any and I’m feeling better today as I have since I started taking the stuff. Lesson learned from this is, I don’t do well with CAFFEINE! 

Now, the next question is, “how do I get serotonin naturally?” Of course I have been trying to research and have found that I need to eat proteins like turkey, white fish, and other such meats. I happen to love those things but I don’t get enough I guess. Also, in my search 5-htp was mentioned, but when I looked further into it, I discovered that it has some of the same side effects as the prescription I had been taking! No wonder so many people are apprehensive about trying the natural way to solve their health problems! Gluten or gluten free? Red meat or white meat? Grains or grain free? I mean the questions could keep coming. I’m just continuing to trust the Lord that HE has a perfect health plan for me and will guide me in the direction I need to go.

Trusting in HIM,