Trail Guide to Learning

We started a new curriculum on Monday and I must say, I love it! It’s called Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of Exploration written by Debbie Strayer and Linda Fowler. I think they had boys on their mind when they wrote this curriculum! It’s made up of units about America’s first explorers, so the first unit is on Christopher Columbus. There was a fun project on the first day and that was to make your own compass using a cork, magnet, need, and a bowl of water. Other than shoving the needle through part of my thumb while trying to help Hootie(our youngest,) the project came off without a hitch!

The Compass

You can barely see the needle, but it’s pointing North!


Here Elvis(middle son’s code name) is working hard. He likes to stand when he writes. I think less boys would be considered ADD/ADHD if they were allowed to stand up to do their work. It’s true, boys need to move, a lot!

We have two paper maps that go with the curric. My boys can’t do any kind of work without food/drink which makes for a “crummy” workspace, so I needed some clear plastic. I knew my mom had a piece of clear plastic to cover her nice tablecloth, so I asked if I could have it and I would replace hers the next time I went shopping. It was really wrinkly after being folded up in her linen closet, so I took the hair dryer to it. It worked pretty well. The cool thing is that you can write on said tablecloth with a dry erase marker and it wipes off too! Whooppee! It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.


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