Spring has sprung!

Here in NC we skipped winter and went straight to Spring! For the most part we have pretty mild winters, but we usually dip down into the 30’s and have at least one snowfall. That was not the case this past winter. My many flower beds were rampant with weeds and were begging for some attention. This may sound weird, but I enjoy pulling weeds! It’s a stress reliever for me. I can sit for hours pulling the pesky plants. Some weeds have beautiful blooms and are beneficial for honey bees, but they take over so profusely!

This garden beside our car-port was a bear to work on. It took me two days to rid it of wild strawberries, wire grass(aka bermuda grass, cynodon dactylon), and the horrid amounts of lemon balm that was popping up everywhere!!! I have a 32 gallon trash can that I use to put all the weeds, leaves, etc. in and I filled it 3 times! The large plant in the bottom right of the above pic is oregano! I’ve learned my lesson about planting mint, lemon balm, and penny royal in a garden. They are horribly invasive!!! Other invasive species I have learned the hard way about are: chinese lanterns, swamp sunflowers, and St. John’s Wart!! I completely rid my gardens of the chinese lanterns and St. John’s Wart, but I relocated the swamp sunflower to the backyard.

Columbines are such intricate flowers!

Right now, the only things blooming are purple! I tend to gravitate to purple and pink. Maybe it’s because I don’t have any of those colors in my house! With 3 sons, 1 hubby, and 1 male dog, most of the colors in my house are primary colors. LOL I guess I’m making up for it in my garden!

I’m anticipating the beauty that will come forth from the plants around my mailbox! Yellow flag water iris, purple clematis, and autumn joy sedum!

A little viney weed has been growing around my clematis and it has a beautiful flower, so I’m letting it hang around until it has finished blooming. I love God’s creation and I’m so thankful for all the colors He gave us to brighten our days!

In His Hands,