Did you know?

I have been reading “Begin” which is kind of like a New Testament format with a twist. It was compiled and edited by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge. Instead of it being Psalms and the New Testament, it begins with Genesis 1-11, Exodus 20, John 1-21, Romans 1-16, and Revelation 21-22. Included with the scripture are little tidbits of information and questions to spur your thinking. The passage I read today was Genesis 6 talking about the corruption of the earth and God’s call on Noah. The “fact” for the passage was something that I’ve known, but never pondered longer than a second. It says, “One hundred twenty years was a countdown to the Flood, not longevity of life. Many people surpassed 120 years.”

I have seriously never thought about that! That is like new revelation for me! I just thought that was so cool!

Relishing in His Goodness,



Preparing for Passover

I am looking forward to celebrating Passover/ Pesach this evening! My boys are too, Hootie informed me that he was going to dress up like Jesus! LOL Oh how I love that boy! I could fill up a book with all his shenanigans! As we prepare for the upcoming holy day, I can’t help but think why Churches are still celebrating “Easter?”  Just like most of our Christian holidays, it is steeped with pagan roots and traditions. Why then, are we celebrating it? As I grow in my relationship with the Lord, I find myself asking these kinds of questions. Are we so consumed with the traditions of man that we’re willing to continue doing something so as not to “rock the boat?”  I guess I am a “boat rocker” because I’m not willing to do something just because everyone else is.  I’m following after Christ, not the world.

The Seder meal is a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus, after all, he kept the Passover/Pesach on the night He was betrayed. As we follow the Haggadah, not only does it take you through the events the Israelites went through in Egypt, it points to Jesus through prophecy. What a wonderful way to celebrate the One who bore our sin and shame.  I think a lot of Christians shy away from experiencing such things because they’re not Jewish. You don’t have to be Jewish to participate in a Seder meal. We are, after all, grafted in according to Romans 11:11-24. I challenge you, to step out of your comfort zone, if you haven’t already, and try it. There is plenty of information about Passover/Pesach on the internet. It’s that easy.

Rejoicing in Him,