We live just outside of the town of High Shoals. High Shoals is a very small town with a population of about 700 people. It was formerly a mill town and had an elementary school, which closed in 1998. With no industry and no school the little town has managed to stay alive. For years, High Shoals has been the butt of many jokes and has been snubbed my people who think it’s just a “poor”  worthless mill town. I, on the other hand, happen to like High Shoals! I attended High Shoals Elementary from kindergarten to sixth grade and have many fond memories.

As my family and I were driving through the town yesterday, we noticed a sign at the corner of a street. It said, “MOTHER’S DAY BINGO at CITY PARK, SATURDAY 4-6.” When I saw the sign, I looked at Wayne and said, “we should totally come and play bingo!” How fun is that? I find it delightful that this little town is making an effort to keep it’s community alive despite what others have said and continue to say about them! We’re looking forward to playing some BINGO!


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