New Life

Our back deck is surrounded by holly bushes that grow profusely. As I was trimming them I noticed a nest and within the well protected nest were three baby birds! More than likely they are mocking birds as they always seem to build their nests in holly bushes(at least that’s what they do around here.) I am intrigued though, as I noticed a pair of cardinals hanging around(very closely) as I was snapping the picture. They seemed very concerned that I was so close to this nest, so I will be excited to see if in fact they are cardinals.


Here is another nest I found which is definitely a mocking bird nest


Not only are birds being born but my flowers are too!

Here is a beautiful yellow water iris bloom


And a spider wort bloom! The fuschia is so striking against the dark green of the leaf!


I love being outside! How about you?

Loving God’s creation,



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