Of chicken houses and eggs

Our family loves to do things together and by family I mean my mom and dad and the five of us. We have been raising chickens for a few years now and all of us are certified bee keepers, even our boys. Anyway, my dad wanted to build a lean-to for the “girls” so  we could hang their food and water outside and still be able to keep it dry. In doing so, it also freed up some space inside their coop. Today was building day and we were successful in our endeavor, meaning we didn’t have to make any runs to Lowe’s and no one drew blood. Usually our construction projects result in the aforementioned things.



The finished product!


Sometimes when the “girls” are free-ranging they lay their eggs outside rather than in their nesting boxes. I found these five eggs today all piled together. Notice the ginormous egg on the left? The other four eggs are normal size eggs! I had a feeling this one was going to be a double yoker! We get them every now and then. Having not known when the eggs were laid, we had to throw them out, but not before cracking the huge one.


Yep, a double yoker! Man I wish it had been laid in the nesting box! That would have made a nice sized omelet!


Thanking God for HIS creation,



One thought on “Of chicken houses and eggs

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    I love thee double yolkers so cool. I am enjoying your blog 🙂

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